Sunday, April 29, 2007

Den takes over Costa Rica

I have to give my brother big props for:
  • 1) Getting down here to Costa Rica and coming to see me. Thanks Den!
  • 2) For jumping off this crazy secluded waterfall in Montezuma. (Yes Marshall, there is another and better waterfall directly above the one we visited.)
Now from the picture, it looks like the cliff is all of about 5 feet but in reality, you´re looking at a man who jumped somewhere to the tune of about 25´to 35´ without hesitation. An attempt I eventually tried (only once) after much contemplation and only after Denny completed the jump several times. I´ve skydived before and the feeling of jumping off this was very similar. It could have been a little bit more risky / insane because no one had extensively documented the existence of rocks or the depth of the pool below. Not to mention the fact that the nearest hospital would have been about 4 hours away but that´s what makes Costa Rica fun!

You can see that safety was his primary concern from his form during the jump. One hand over the nose to protect against water infiltration to the nasal cavity and the other arm extended and parallel to the body for ease of surface water penetration. Perfect form for maximum safety.

I make fun (because it´s my blog and I can) but until you see my jump (which won´t be possible because of technical difficulties.) with arms and legs flailing like a crazed monkey, you haven´t seen anything funny yet.

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Anonymous said...

hey frank, so it sounds like you and denny had a great time, i am glad you are living life. take care of ourselves see you soon
love you