Saturday, July 28, 2007

Adventures in Europe

Post #1. It's actually more difficult to find an internet cafe in Europe than in Costa Rica. Most people, like in the US, already have an internet connection so an internet cafe really isn't necessary.

Anyway, life here is good. I spent a week camping in Gent, Belgium and thoroughly enjoyed the Gentsefeesten festivities! Dancing, drinking and food (Belgian waffles, ice cream, ...) After a couple of rainy days though, I was ready for some warm weather.

I'm now in the south of France: La Ciotat (around Marseilles) camping under an olive tree, soaking up the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather on the Mediterranean beaches.

One very funny story to leave you with (at least I thought it was funny.) At the campsite I'm staying, there is a swimming pool. Yesterday, I went to take a quick dip and right before I got in the water, the lifeguard instructed me that I couldn't wear my shorts. I showed him the fabric and the lining ensuring him that they were indeed swimming trunks but it wasn't acceptable. He said I needed boxers or briefs. He pointed to the pool and sure enough, there were only boxers or briefs (all of the very tight configuration). I couldn't believe what I heard. But then I thought, "When in Rome,...", France in my case. I changed into my tightest boxers and jumped right in. I've got pictures to prove it. (I'll post them later.) The world is a great and interesting place.

Also, for some unknown reason, France doesn't believe in peanut butter. I can't find it in any grocery store anywhere. You can buy ground up duck, fish or pork but not peanuts.

C`est la vie

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 4th of July Firecracker Run - 10K

Denny, my brother & I ran in the Firecracker Run 10K on the 4th of July in Sebree, Kentucky. As you can see, we sported the holiday colors: Red (bandanna), White (shirt) and Blue (shorts).

What's great about this picture is that it makes me look like a GIANT! My brother & I are about the same height and weight. But because he's standing further down the hill and turned to the side, it makes me look taller and broader. Don't forget it little bro!

We had a great time and had great finishing times as well. I was hoping that I would average around 10 minute miles. I couldn't believe it when they said I finished in 51:40, averaging 8:20 minute miles. It was a great ending to a great day.