Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Running of the Dogs!

This picture isn't the best but will get the idea. In Heredia, I used to run at about 5:45 in the morning because the weather was incredible (eternal Spring) and there weren't many cars on the road yet (less exhaust.) I would make a loop or two around the soccer field next to the church. Little did I know that once or twice a week, this field becomes a feeding frenzy. The lady above apparently feeds these stray dogs raw chicken. Stray dogs are literally everyone in Costa Rica and they have never been a problem for me. But I've never seen them in packs before either. On this day, however, the entire city of stray, homeless, hungry dogs gather together jovially to feast on a small unfulfilling banquet of raw chicken. I think you see where this is going.

I jogged by them after the banquet was over but didn't think anything of it. No big deal right.

Well, one small and I mean small dog (1 ft long, 6 inches tall, a dog you can just throw against a wall) starts chasing me as I jog by. I ignore him because of his size which was a mistake. In dog speak, he asks the rest of the dog congregation to follow suit. Included in this group is a band of some larger canines, all of which, are very unhappy about my presence.

Within seconds, I'm running at full speed from a pack of rabbi's infested, grub hungry dogs down the streets in Heredia. I honestly didn't know what to do and it's difficult to think when you can hear dogs barking and biting directly behind you.

Well, as I turned the corner, I turned around and saw a large dog behind me barking. As soon as I turned back around, I felt my shorts pull back as he attempted to bite me. Without thought, I quickly stopped, turned around and yelled at the top of my lungs. Nothing comprehensible, just a loud roar. I don't know what I expected to accomplish but I was just mad. That dog crossed a line and since flight wasn't working, it was time to fight. What's funny is that all of the dogs scattered except the little dog that had caused the trouble in the first place. I was so angry! I ran after him hoping to kick him about 50 yards but he scurried away.

Imagine watching a foreigner outside of your window getting chased by dogs and then yelling to the top of his lungs at 6:00 in the morning. That's a funny site.

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