Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Surfer Dude!

I've had a couple people express deep concerns that I would not surf during my time in Costa Rica. I'm here to dismiss this rumor once and for all and I have a picture to prove it. During my stay in Playo Flamingo, we took a bus

to Playa Tamarindo for an afternoon of surfing. It was challenging but really fun. I even stood up on my first actual wave. My roomate had been surfing since he was 12 so he gave me the low down. I plan to find another beach soon for about a week of it. Maybe on the Carribean side this time but I'm not sure. I've heard Malpais & Santa Teresa are nice.

Pura Vida!

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Craig C. Rowe said...

I'm not sure who would be so demanding as to express serious concern that you wouldn't find your way into the lineup of one of the world's most popular surf meccas but it seems like you enjoyed yourself, as that person probably predicted (how alliterative). Far out.