Friday, November 9, 2007

Camino de Santiago - Santiago and Finsterre!

Santiago de Compostella! - September 5 to October 6, 2007

Santiago de Compostella! Its a beautiful sight to see, especially if you just walked 500 miles to see it. What´s left to say.

And for me, the highlight of the Camino is Finsterre and watching the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. It´s really hard to describe in words. It´s breathtaking.

Its a ritual that at sunset, you burn an item of clothing that you wore on the Camino. Its actually not a bad idea because after 30 days of wearing only 2 changes of clothes, all of your clothes are completely ruined.

But maybe it symbolizes the old part of you that you let go. The part that the camino changed and replaced with something better. Who knows. But it made a nice ending to an incredible experience!


Unknown said...

Awesome Frank! So glad to hear your having a great time and when you return you will have to write a book of your experiences. Something you can share with your grandchildren one day....Hope you stay healthy/safe and look forward to your updates on the blog. The experiences are incredible.
Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas. where will you be for the holidays?

Anonymous said...

że pół pory temu. Jego immanentny to czary 400 trzydzieści jakiś.

Zapewne posiadasz go w własnej
książce telefonicznej.

Saracen zrozumiał przymówka Mossa.

- Nie gniewaj się. Chciałem się ale wręcz upewnić, iż to nie
Wylie dysponuje dzisiaj służba. Pytanie, które mam aż do patologa istnieje dość błogiej natury.

- Rozumiem - odpowiedział Moss. - Nasza firma też nie zdołamy się doczekać, aż Wylie pójdzie.